Join Me on the Bridge 2012

Women, men and children came out in force to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2011 with Women for Women International’s Join me on the Bridge campaign. There were 55 events across the UK, and 464 in 70 countries on 6 continents worldwide.

Watch the highlights from 2011 in this short clip.

2012 promises to be even bigger!  We will be leading the charge in making sure that the 21st century is the woman’s century, and we’ll be doing this by growing a bigger and better global movement that joins together in calling for PEACE and women’s EQUALITY.

The idea for this bridge campaign first came about in 2010 when the Women for Women Country Directors for the Congo and Rwanda called for all women, whether they were Hutu, Tutsi, Rwandan or Congolese, to join them on the bridge that connects their two countries, which was the scene of the mass exodus when people were fleeing the genocide that tore Rwanda apart in 1994. Many more people wanted to join them in taking this stand for peace and hope in 2010, not only in other war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Sudan, but also from Australia to Hawaii, where women stood in solidarity with their sisters.

Your involvement really strengthens and inspires women in war-torn countries. As Faiza, a woman who stood on a bridge in Iraq last year said: “Today I felt there is a change for women. Women expressed their feelings and the importance of their role in the community.”

To join us is very easy. Simply select a bridge, get together with a group of friends, and promote your event to your wider networks.  Last year, 75,000 people joined forces with other groups in their area, and this made a great impact in building wider support and solidarity locally as well as globally.  Women for Women can give you full support in organising your events, providing you with a campaign toolkit, publicity, and ongoing advice in organising your event.

Women for Women is honoured to be in partnership with UK Feminista members for the Join me on the Bridge event, and on behalf of all the women who will be standing on bridges in war-torn countries we say thank you and ‘We Stand Together’.

Thank you for joining us on the bridge!



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