A message from Helen Pankhurst to UK Feminista supporters

Yesterday I retraced the steps of my great-grandmother, the suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, by taking part in UK Feminista’s land-mark Feminist Lobby of Parliament. 106 years ago Emmeline lead a lobby to demand votes for women. Today our demands are different – but the struggle for justice for women remains as urgent and vital as ever.

That is why I was honoured to join hundreds of women and men at Westminster yesterday, with many more showing their support online. We marched, we sung, and we talked to MPs about the vast inequalities women experience today.

For one day, the corridors of power were packed with women and feminist discussions were literally echoing around the Houses of Parliament. Our voices were also heard much farther afield. The lobby was featured on BBC News at Ten, Channel 4 News, CNN and Sky News – amongst many others. You can see a full round-up of media here.

I wanted to ask if you would be willing to help celebrate what we achieved yesterday and invest in future feminist actions – with a regular contribution of just a few pounds a month?

Click here to give a donation of £3 a month – or whatever you can afford to UK Feminista:

Perhaps the most inspirational part of yesterday for me was meeting women who had never met an MP before. By coming together at UK Feminista’s lobby, they gained the confidence and know-how to speak to their MP and demand action on women’s equality. Now that they have done it once, I am convinced that many will do so again.

That’s why I believe UK Feminista has such an important role to play. It is a rare organisation indeed that has strong feminist views, shares the empirical and analytical basis of these in a very clear way, and then focuses its energy on empowering people with the skills, training and confidence to create a better world.

UK Feminista is run on a shoe-string budget. It is mainly powered by the pure passion of its supporters and staff. But it needs funding to run inspirational events like yesterday’s lobby and to continue training the suffragettes of today. A monthly donation means the staff team can keep this important work going and plan for the year ahead.

Sign up now to sustain UK Feminista by giving a monthly donation via Direct Debit or Paypal:

Yesterday was amazing. But we need to sustain this fantastic momentum to secure justice for all women. Let’s make sure that happens.

With warm wishes,

Dr Helen Pankhurst

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