‘Making Feminism Fashionable’ – guest post

Guest post by Tania Shew, member of  Camden School for Girls Feminist Club.


I had never set a trend at school before. But against all odds I am part of starting one now and, even more astonishingly, it’s a feminist one!

We at the Camden School for Girls 6th Form Feminist Club (which does include boys too!) have designed and started selling ‘This is What a Feminist Looks Like’ t-shirts at school to raise money for women’s charities. We originally ordered just 50 t-shirts in the hope that between our friends and family we might just be able to break even but we ended up selling out entirely within just three days and are having to order another batch!














Not only have we already raised £350 for charity but we have also started to visibly spread the word of feminism out into the wider school community. Even though in a recent poll conducted by our school magazine, 50% of students said they were ‘put off by the term feminism’, everyday i’m seeing a new group of friends proudly parading the t-shirts around school and i’m warmed to see how many girls outside of fem club are so eager to label themselves as feminists.

Camden School Feminist Club


As part of our publicity for the t-shirts we held a feminist fashion shoot. Boys and girls, from year 7 to year 13, and even a couple of teachers all volunteered as models in the name of both fashion and feminism.






This has got me thinking about what other ways we could incorporate these two, seemingly quite different, movements. Our school has already had a ‘no make-up day’ to encourage us girls to love our natural beauty and think about how societal pressures can affect our everyday life. We could have a feminist cat-walk I suppose, but apart from the t-shirts, i’m not sure what other clothes would constitute as feminist? Whatever we come up with next, i’m beginning to see how making fashion feminist can make feminism fashionable.

Tania Shew

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