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Summer School 2012- What happened?

On 15-16 September, over 300 feminists came together in Bristol for a weekend of training, skill-sharing and planning for feminist activism. Participants chose from 30 practical workshops and inspiring debates, and facilitated their own skills-shares and action planning sessions in order to exchange ideas and tactics.


Speakers and facilitators included:

Rahila Gupta, Southall Black Sisters

Sonia Mitralia, (Via Skype) Initiative of Greek Women against the Debt and the

Austerity Measures

Dr Kalpana Wilson, South Asia Solidarity Group

Derinka Aleksic, Abortion Rights

Molly Solomons & Aisha Mirza, UK Uncut

Nimco Ali, Daughters of eve


Workshops and discussions include:

Save your local women’s service

Direct action

Feminists take on the global economy

Art and feminist activism

LGBT activism

Planning a winning campaign

The event prioritised the sharing of practical ideas and skills between individuals and groups, recognising that feminist activism must build on the rich diversity and history of the feminist movement and work in solidarity with other social justice movements.

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Open Spaces

All participants at the event were invited to facilitate their own skill-shares or action planning workshops as part of the daily ‘Open Space’ sessions. Many thanks to all of those who took part and volunteered to facilitate Open Spaces over the weekend. These spaces formed the energetic heart of the event and kick-started new campaigns and actions.

Open Spaces included: “Challenging Rape Jokes and Banter Culture”, “Taking Action Against Chris Brown”, “Feminism and Climate Change”, “Basic Social Media Skill-Share” and “Campaigning Against Page 3”.

“The summer school was a hub of activity from inspiring feminists, old and new- useful for aspiring or established campaigners- thanks so much. We needed you to bring us together- I appreciated the inclusivity”

“Brilliant- really inspirational session leaders & speakers. Workshops were fun, non-judgemental and thought-provoking”


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