Petition to End Cosmetic Surgery Ads

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We call on the Government to end cosmetic surgery advertising.

Right now there are few restrictions on where and how cosmetic surgery providers can advertise their procedures.

Yet cosmetic surgery adverts ruthlessly prey on women’s body anxieties to generate profit. They recklessly trivialise surgical procedures that carry real health risks and fuel body insecurities through messages and images of beauty ‘ideals’. We make the case in full in our report Cut It Out: End Cosmetic Surgery Advertising.

The aggressive marketing tactics of some cosmetic clinics have got so bad that the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons now support the prohibition of cosmetic surgery advertising.

People should not be involuntarily exposed to these harmful advertising tactics, whether in public spaces, in magazines or on TV.

Just as rules prevent prescription medicines being advertised in the interest of public health, we urge the Government to end the advertising of cosmetic surgery.

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