Hanane Boudali – Student

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“Sexual harassment is a part of everyday school life. This made me realise that a stronger feminist presence was needed in school. Girls need to feel safe and empowered to speak out. So how exactly were we supposed to make a change? It seemed such a daunting task.

We got in touch with UK Feminista and created a feminist society. Armed with the UK Feminista starter pack and with lots of support from them and our sociology teacher, we began with allocating roles, then set off – making badges, planning assemblies, creating posters and setting up social media sites. We held assemblies for each year, highlighting the issue, explaining what feminism is and stripping away the stigma surrounding it.

Our next steps as a group are to hold our own workshops. By spreading awareness we hope to create an environment in school where sexual harassment is a rarity and everyone feels safe.

I thank UK Feminista for providing us the opportunity to launch our ‘#Feminism’ campaign and to take the necessary steps to abolish sexual harassment in our school.”

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