UK Feminista: Action Pledge application form

Schools and colleges at the beginning of their journey on taking a ‘whole school approach’ or ‘whole college approach’ to tackling sexism and sexual harassment can apply for the UK Feminista: Action Pledge to show their commitment to taking action to combat sexism.

This pledge enables schools and colleges to demonstrate that they recognise that sexism in education is a national problem that needs addressing and show their commitment to implementing a whole school or college approach to tackle it. Complete this form to receive the UK Feminista: Action Pledge.

    • School or college commitment

      • Add tackling sexism and sexual harassment as a priority to school / college improvement plan

    • Set up a framework

      • Adopt a whole school / college action plan

      • Appoint a leader and / or working group to oversee the implementation of the action plan

      • Update existing policies to address sexism and sexual harassment

    • Train and equip teachers

      • All staff complete training on tackling sexism

      • Ensure all teachers are aware of and engaged with the whole school / college action plan

      • Provide resources for teachers on promoting equality

    • Support students

      • Run classroom activities on sexual harassment, gender stereotyping and sexist language

      • Make all students aware of the whole school / college action plan and sexual harassment policy and procedures

      • Encourage and support students to take positive action against sexism, such as setting up a feminist group or running an awareness campaign