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Resources for Teachers

Classroom posters

Classroom posters on sexual harassment and sexist language.

How to take a whole school approach

The ‘gold standard’ approach to tackling sexism in schools.

Teacher training

Access training on tackling sexism from UK Feminista.

Case studies

Learn how other schools have taken action to tackle sexism.

Tips for secondary school teachers

Here’s how you can tackle sexism in the classroom.

Tips for primary school teachers

Ideas for action to challenge sexism in the primary classroom.

Action plan: whole school approach

A template and guidance for strategic action against sexism.

Audit tool: whole school approach

Use this tool to identify priority actions for tackling sexism.

Policy integration guide

How to ensure school policies work to combat sexism.

Student survey

Learn about students’ experiences of sexism.

Staff survey

Learn about teachers’ experiences of sexism.

Exploring gender stereotypes

An introductory classroom activity for secondary students.

Opinion Continuum

A classroom activity on sexist language.

Poster competition

A classroom activity to raise awareness of sexual harassment.

Quiz on women’s rights

Spark students’ interest and test their knowledge.

Zero tolerance

A classroom activity to introduce the school’s sexual harassment policy.

Read our research

Joint research with the National Education Union shows sexism in schools is commonplace.