National Award Scheme for schools and colleges launched

Posted on 05.09.23

UK Feminista is delighted to announce the launch of its new Award Scheme – a national awards programme recognising and rewarding schools and colleges for taking action to combat sexism and sexual harassment. The scheme will incentivise schools and colleges to commit to taking a ‘whole school approach’ to tackle sexism and reward those who have taken outstanding action.

Schools and colleges at the beginning of their journey can apply for the UK Feminista: Action Pledge to demonstrate that they recognise that sexism in education is a national problem that needs addressing – and to show their commitment to taking a whole school approach to combat it. Applying for the UK Feminista: Action Pledge only takes five minutes and Action Pledge holders will receive discounted access to UK Feminista’s teacher training videos and live training to support them in taking action.

UK Feminista: Action Pledge holders will then be eligible to apply for the UK Feminista: Action Award, which rewards schools and colleges who have evidenced outstanding action to combat sexism and sexual harassment. Applications will be judged by a panel of education experts and winners will be invited to a ceremony during the summer of 2024 to collect their award.

Ofsted’s recently published School Inspection Handbook for 2023 requires schools to put in place a whole school approach to address sexual harassment. The guidance states: “Inspectors will expect schools to assume that sexual harassment, online sexual abuse and sexual violence are happening in the community, and potentially the school, even when there are no specific reports, and put in place a whole-school approach to address them.” Working towards a UK Feminista: Action Award will support schools to demonstrate that they are doing this.

Nina Humphries, Deputy Director of UK Feminista says:

“Sexism and sexual harassment are endemic in schools and colleges across the country. This has a deeply damaging impact on young people, exposing them to unacceptable harm and preventing them from achieving their full potential.

“However this is not inevitable – and with genuine commitment this can change. A whole school approach is crucial to creating meaningful change in the education system and effectively preventing sexism and sexual harassment. This includes ensuring that all members of the school community are actively involved in combating discrimination.

“UK Feminista is proud to launch this national School Award Scheme to recognise schools and colleges taking action to promote equality and send the message that sexism and sexual harassment will not be tolerated. We have a range of resources and training tools to support schools and colleges making the UK Feminista: Action Pledge and we hope to see many of them progressing to applying for the UK Feminista: Action Award.”

Start your school or college’s journey by applying for the UK Feminista: Action Pledge.