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Poster competition

A classroom activity for secondary students to raise awareness of sexual harassment.


This activity enables students to explore the issue of sexual harassment in schools and raise awareness about it among their peers. Students participate in group discussions and then design a poster about the school’s zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment. The poster judged to be the most effective is displayed on noticeboards around the school.

Learning objectives

  • Students can articulate what sexual harassment is and have an understanding of its impact.
  • Students are aware of the school’s policy on sexual harassment, including how to report incidents.



  • 20 minutes: introduction and discussion (teacher & students)
  • 40 minutes: poster design – could be done as homework or during form time (students)
  • 15 minutes: judging (teacher)
  • 30 minutes: printing and distributing winning poster (teacher)

Age group: Secondary

Materials required: paper/art materials or computer for poster design; printer/photocopier; copy of the school’s policy or statement on sexual harassment; printed copies of appendix 2 and 3.

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