Jamien Steward – Teacher

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“I am a Computer Science and Maths teacher at an all-boys school in Lewisham that has a mixed sixth form. I have been working with UK Feminista to tackle sexism in our wonderful school of over 1000 boys. They have been a great help and have already helped inspire students to join the Equality Group and demonstrate change in the school.

I have always been an advocate for feminism and equality throughout my life and career, and being able to work with UK Feminsta has allowed me to develop an understanding of the need for feminism within the school. Recently I have conducted various meetings with the Student Council to discuss how we can tackle sexism. We are challenging inequality through using the school tannoy to broadcast positive messages. In addition, students are designing pixel art greetings cards to promote equality, which will then be placed on sale at school events.

My plan is to continue to tackle sexism through conversations, activities and discussions, whilst using my platform as a black male teacher to act as a positive role model to young men at the school.”


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