UK Feminista: Action Award application form

Thank you for applying for the UK Feminista: Action Award.

The UK Feminista: Action Award rewards schools and colleges who have taken outstanding action by implementing a whole school or college approach to tackling sexism and sexual harassment.

To complete this form, you will need to submit a completed supporting evidence form. This will include:

  • An action plan progress report, using the framework provided
  • A case study summarising the action your school or college has taken and the impact this has had (this should be no more than 400 words and examples of written case studies can be found on our website)

To receive a gold award, applicants must clearly evidence:

  • Substantial detail on impact of actions in both the supporting evidence form and the case study 
  • Examples of innovative practice to tackle sexism and sexual harassment 
  • Substantial evidence of student-initiated and/or led activities  

To receive a silver award, applicants must clearly evidence:

  • Some detail on impact of actions in either the supporting evidence form or the case study 
  • Some evidence of involvement of students in activities

To receive a bronze award, applicants must clearly evidence: 

  • Limited evidence of impact of actions in either the supporting evidence form or the case study 

Please note, the deadline to apply is 9:00am on Monday 5 May 2025. If your application is received after this date, your school or college will not be considered for the 2025 awards.

We also ask applicants to ensure that at least one school / college representative will be available to attend an awards ceremony in London during the summer of 2025.

    • School or college commitment

      • Add tackling sexism and sexual harassment as a priority to school / college improvement plan

    • Set up a framework

      • Adopt a whole school / college action plan

      • Appoint a leader and / or working group to oversee the implementation of the action plan

      • Update existing policies to address sexism and sexual harassment

    • Train and equip teachers

      • All staff complete training on tackling sexism

      • Ensure all teachers are aware of and engaged with the whole school / college action plan

      • Provide resources for teachers on promoting equality

    • Support students

      • Run classroom activities on sexual harassment, gender stereotyping and sexist language

      • Make all students aware of the whole school / college action plan and sexual harassment policy and procedures

      • Encourage and support students to take positive action against sexism, such as setting up a feminist group or running an awareness campaign